Begin registration on Davis Cup's final !

Welcome to the Davis Cup's final stage! Players who wish participate own country in the final, can register is here: Russia-Croatia. After registration, 3 players of each country, who have higher rank than their countrymates, will get the right to represent their country. Russia is the home teams and will chose the surface. Deadline for registration: 2 December. Deadline for deciding surface is 29 Novemberr! Finals matches date: 4-8 December. Davis Cup Draw is HERE. Good Luck to both teams!

         Russian Shark takes first career title in Bratislava!

In the final the russian made a straight-sets win over the Italian Jethro 6-4 7-6. The road to the final of the finalists was the following: Jethro vs. Riabson 6-7 6-4 6-1, vs. MajklCZ 6-1 0-1 ret., vs Danik 6-4 7-6, and vs Ales16 7-6 3-6 7-6. Shark before the final faced the opponents: vs Rftthebestever 6-4 6-4, vs Geoepee 6-4 6-4, vs Fekiamigo 6-4 7-6. DMT World Tour Staff congratulates Shark on the first career Title and Jethro on great performance! We wish all the best and good luck in the next season!

         Final Tournament of the year started !

The last ranked tournament takes place in London. Top 8 players will play against each other to prove who deserves to be called the best player of 2015!
Top players will play their best and give 100% on the court to compete for the place in the semifinals. The Draw for the London Finals has been made. Please contact with your opponents and complete matches before the deadline. We ask you to show your interest and take part in interactive Poll: Group A and Group B. We wish good luck to participants and hope that the tournament will be very challenging! The draw is HERE.

         Registration open for DMT Superleague 2015 !

The 4th edition of DMT Superleague will begin at the end of November. Follow the instructions and register HERE for the most special event of the year. The tournament format will be, as usual, with 8 groups, each group having 5 players. Register will end on 25 November and Groups will be set on 26 November!

         Mastercris (Poland)

Championship Race Rank: 10
Points: 4130
Matches won/lost: 52-29 (64%)
In 2014 Mastercris also participated in the final tournament of the year. Participation here in 2015 – the proof of his stable play and competitiveness. Despite relying on the “ big Roddick serve”, Mastercris took part in the final stages of clay and hardcourt tournaments. In April 2015 the Polish took his highest career rank – 6.
Season 2015 Results:
Semifinals: Dubai, Istanbul, Halle, Newport, Bogota, Cincinnati, Winston-Salem.
Runner-up: Quito, Rotterdam, Atlanta.
Winner: Bucharest
Grand Slam results:
Australian Open: 1\4 F, Roland Garros: R16, Wimbledon: R16, US Open: R16.

         Stan_The_Man (Croatia)

Championship Race Rank: 11
Points: 3785
Matches won/lost: 45-25 (64%)
Croatian player Stan_The_Man is a type of player who is very unpredictable. He can make a lot of problems to any player what puts him in a position of a “dark horse” of the tournament. According to the surface stats, Stan’s best surface is clay what is very contradictive and uncharacteristic for Baron, also carpet. This means that the Croatian can easily rely on his attacking game and decide the winner on the court baseline.
Season 2015 Results:
Semifinals: Brisbane, Indian wells Masters, Houston, Atlanta, Shanghai Masters, Paris Masters.
Runner-up: Marseille, Nice, Kuala Lumpur.
Winner: Metz.
Grand Slam results:
Australian Open: R16, Roland Garros: R16, Wimbledon: R16, US Open: 1\4 F.

         Djokovic_Fan (Serbia)

Championship Race Rank: 12
Points: 3460
Matches won/lost: 33-20 (62%)
If you don’t know how to make yourself fight, you can easily ask this player. The Serbian, former world №1, has never had a thought to give up but only to move frontwards. This type of player knows how to bring the opponent into trouble, his vast experience only helps him. Let’s see what will happen in London 2015 Finals.
Season 2015 Results:
Semifinals: Zagreb, Barcelona, Basel.
Runner-up: Paris Masters.
Grand Slam results:
Australian Open: R16, Roland Garros: R64, Wimbledon: 1\2 F, US Open: 1\4 F.

         MatiJaure (Argentina)

Championship Race Rank: 13
Points: 2700
Matches won/lost: 35-33 (51%)
This players proved to be one of the most competitive Argentinian player, also in the World tour. His solid and aggressive play lets him to stay competitive on the court against any type of player, including his top country mate FedercarpRF. Let’s follow this player and keep an eye on his performance!
Season 2015 Results:
Semifinals: Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Atlanta, Cincinnati Masters, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo.
Grand Slam results:
Australian Open: R16, Roland Garros: R64, Wimbledon: R64, US Open: R16.

         FedercarpRF (Argentina)

Championship Race Rank: 1
Points: 11275
Matches won/lost: 80-22 (78%)

2015 year can be called a year of rising a new DMT star FedercarpRF, when he began to conquer title by title starting from the second part of this season. Title in Atlanta gave FedercarpRF a take off where he stayed unbeatable in US Open Series including the US Open Major – his first Major title. Also he achieved his career highest rank – 1st position.
Season 2015 Results:
Semifinals: Sydney, Rotterdam, Marseille, Indian Wells, Miami, Casablanca, Bucharest, Geneva, Metz, Kuala Lumpur.
Runner-up: Istanbul, Madrid Masters, Stuttgart, Newport, Basel.
Winner: Atlanta, Washington, Montreal Masters, Cincinnati Masters, Winston-Salem, Shanghai Masters, Vienna.
Grand Slam results:
Australian Open: 1/2F, Roland Garros: R32, Wimbledon: 1/4F, US Open: WINNER.

         Sekir (Russia)

Championship Race Rank: 3
Points: 10570
Matches won/lost: 66-12 (85%)

Russian Sekir in 2015 season showed stable play demonstrating tough play on fast surfaces. Especially on grass.  In addition the Russian’s results on other surfaces should be also paid attention to. Playing on clay or hard courts doesn’t bring his results aback but brings him just more motivation to work hard.
Season 2015 Results:
Semifinals: Miami Masters, Washington.
Runner-up: Sydney.
Winner: Zagreb, Rotterdam, Dubai, Indian Wells Masters, Houston, Stuttgart, London Queens Club, Nottingham, St. Petersburg, Paris Masters.
Grand Slam results:
Australian Open: Runner-UP, Roland Garros: 1/4F, Wimbledon: WINNER, US Open: 1/2F.

         King_Federer (Slovenia)

Championship Race Rank: 4
Points: 8055
Matches won/lost: 67-24 (74%)

This season for King_Federer is not his best one, but at the same time it can be called successful as in any tournament he participated, he was one of those whom people always aware.  Slovenian is a universal surface player about what can his Surface stats judge: over 70% wins on every surface, hard and grass – around 80%.
Season 2015 Results:
Semifinals: Houston, Rome Masters, Hertogenbosch, Vienna.
Runner-up: Brisbane, Miami Masters, Monte Carlo Masters, Barcelona, Halle, Nottingham, Hamburg, Washington, Montreal Masters, Tokyo.
Winner: Kuala Lumpur, Basel.
Grand Slam results:
Australian Open: R32, Roland Garros: 1/4F, Wimbledon: 1/2F, US Open: Runner-Up.

         Fedor (Belarus)

Championship Race Rank: 6
Points: 5785
Matches won/lost: 61-28 (69%)

The season 2015 for the Belarusian should be called more successful than 2014, though in 2014 he had the capability also to qualify for the final tournament of the year. In 2015 Fedor proved that he is able to play with top players and to win them, reaching deciding stages on different surfaces.
Season 2015 Results:
Semifinals: Istanbul, Madrid Masters, Newport, Hamburg, Winston-Salem, Tokyo.
Runner-up: Buenos Aires, Rome Masters, Umag, Shanghai Masters, Vienna.
Winner: Geneva, Halle.
Grand Slam results:
Australian Open: R16, Roland Garros: R16, Wimbledon: R16, US Open: 1\4 F.

     FedercarpRF the King of U.S. hard court - season 2015 !

Argentinian FedercarpRF continues his unbelievable series of wins started after the Wimbledon tournament, the argentinian stayed unbeatable on American Series and US Open courts becoming an absolute winner in this part of the season. In the final of US Open 2015 FedercarpRF beat King_Federer from Slovenia in 4 sets: 6-7, 6-3, 6-4, 6-3. The road to the final of the finalists was very hard: FedercarpRF: R32 against Jethro 1-6, 6-0, 6-4, 6-0; R16 Federer_ita 6-4 6-4 6-4; QF Stan_The_Man 6-4, 6-3, 7-6; SF Coolio_Jack  7-6, 5-7, 6-3, 6-7, 6-3.  King_Federer didn’t lose a set till the final: R32 Histery 6-3, 6-1, 6-2; R16 Elshad 6-2, 6-2, 6-1; QF Djokovic_Fan1 6-2 6-1 6-2; Sekir 6-4 6-4 6-4. This win allowed FedercarpRF to take the 3rd place in the World Tour Rankings and 2nd place in Season race 2015. Congratulations to the finalists on the amazing performance, thanks to everyone for the participation!

               FedercarpRF – Absolute Champion of U.S. Open Series 2015 !

Argentinian FedercarpRF, current DMT World Tour №4 and №3 in Champion’s Race 2015 is continuing his winning streak! After winning Cincinnati 2015 Masters Series, argentinian added the trophy of Winston Salem to his achievements. In the final FedercarpRF beats serbian Krstasd with a score 6-2, 6-3, non-seeded of the tournament but still having a huge experience
of great matches. The proof of this fact – a sensational win over DMT World №1 – russian Sekir in straight sets 6-4 7-5. Top 3 players of US Open Series: 1. FedercarpRF (410 points!!!), 2 place is shared between King_Federer and Mastercris (130 points per each player). This Ranking can really show who are the main pretenders to fight for the Title of the Last Grand Slam Tournament of the 2015 season – U.S. Open. Nevertheless, it is still a secret who can take this desirable title and everyone has real chances to do it! Let’s keep an eye on this interesting tournament!

              FedercarpRF stays Perfect, beats King_Federer to take the trophy of Montreal !

FedercarpRF stays unbeatable on the hardcourt and won 3 tournaments in a row! In the final of Montreal Argentinian beated King_federer in 3 sets 5-7 7-5 6-5 ret. This is the fourth win over King_Federer of season 2015. The road to the final of the winner: versus AgustinLS 4-6 6-0 7-6, Vahe 6-4 4-3 ret., Obelix 6-2 6-0, Semir 6-2 7-6. King_Federer’s road to the final: versus GianCarlo 6-1 3-6 6-1, Danik 6-4 6-0, Alex16 6-1 6-1, Andre 7-6 6-3. We would like to highlight a sensational win of Matijaure against №1 of DMT Sekir in 3 tough sets: 6-4 2-6 6-4. The win in Montreal let Federcarp make a very comfortable lead in US Open Series Rank! But the battle is not over, 2 tournament are ahead! US Open Series Ranking after Montreal Masters is HERE.

              FedercarpRF beats King_Federer in the Final of Washington !

FedercarpRF from Argentina in a 3 set battle against slovenian King_Federer could make a victory and win the second hard-court tournament in a row! The score of the final: 6-7 6-2 7-6. These two wins allowed FedercarpRF to take a confident lead in the US Open Series Race. The second place in this race belongs to Mastercris from Poland, the third - to King_Federer. These two tournaments are only the start, 3 tournaments are ahead including two Masters Tournaments. We would like to congratulate the finalists of DMT 500 Washington and hope for a severe battle for the nomanition of best US hard-court player!   US Open Series Ranking is HERE.

              GianCarlo take first career title in Poznan !

Italian GianCarlo in a straight two sets defeated slovakian David4412 6-2 6-4 to take first career title in Poznan. The road to the final of Poznan Challenger was uneasy for GianCarlo. GianCalo on his way to the final had to face the following opponents in matches with whom he managed to comeout as a winner: in R16 GianCarlo made nice comeback against czech MajklCZ 5-7, 7-5, 6-0. In Quarters GianCarlo met with ukrainian Riabson and won: 6-1, 6-2. In Semis italian overcame Elshad from Azerbaijan 6-7, 6-0, 6-3. We would like to congratulate GianCaro on this amazing performance and title!

            Sekir takes second Wimbledon trophy in a row !

Russian Sekir conquers second Wimbledon title in a row and continues staying unbeatable on grass in 2015 year!  In the Wimbly final Sekir received a walkover against croatian Barca by decision of DMT Staff due to non-conformance with deadlines. Road to the final of the most prestigious grass tournament of russian Sekir was very tough: versus italian Jethro 6-0 6-2 6-3, russian Shark  7-6 6-4 6-4, argentinian FedercarpRF 6-3 6-2 7-6, slovenian King_Federer 7-6 7-6 3-6 6-4. Also during this Wimbledon Championship the Tournament record was broken on quantity of games played in a match (99) between King_Federer and Coolio_Jack, congratulations! DMT World Tour Staff congratulates the Winner and the Runner-up on great performance and all the participants, and hopes for respecting rules including meeting deadlines! See you on hardcourt series!

           Coolio_Jack and King_Federer set a new record !

In the Quarters of Wimbledon, croatian Coolio_Jack and slovenian King_Federer played an extremely tough match, in which King_Federer came out as a winner in 5 sets: 5-7, 6-4, 5-7, 7-6, 27-25. This match has become the match which has most games in 5th set and the first match by games quantity in DMT World Tour amounting to 99 games per match! The previous record belonged also to the Wimbledon tournaments where one of the participants was also Coolio_Jack fighting against Semir (6-7, 6-7, 6-3, 7-6, 24-26 Semir won). That match amounted to 98 games played. DMT World Tour Staff congratulates KingFederer and CoolioJack on amazingly tough fight and great performance!

         Pre-Wimbledon Interview with.....Vahe !

The Russian expressed his opinion on the preliminary favourites of this tournament, his secrets of game and latest wins over big players! Interview.


               UPDATE: New Icon of the site and DMT         Championship Race !

The 2014 season of tournaments is over but the Staff doesn’t not have even a thought to rest. At this time a new update concerning the site takes place. A new icon in the link tab near the name “DMT Tour” was created: an icon with a tennis ball in the dark background. A new important function was also added: DWT World Tour Championship Race, Race that takes into consideration only the points’ earned by players in the current year. It was simplify considerably the process of counting points at the end of the year and see what players are in best current form. We hope that you will like these updates, if you have some visions on some other updates, we would be grateful for your ideas! DMT World Tour Staff would like to congratulate: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We wish you to meet the New Year around your closest relatives and friends!

         Serbian Team Strongest Nation in the World in 2014 !

Serbian player Anta had made the 3-0 score in match with Serbia-Slovenia, what guaranteed the early win of the Serbian-wining Davis Cup Trophy. The preliminary 2-0 lead was provided by Djokovic_Fan and Anta by winning RFtthebestever 6-0 7-6 6-2 and 6-1 6-0 6-4. The third match was held against King_Federer and turned out to be very tough as any Final should be: Anta came out as a winner of this match: 7-6 3-6 7-6 7-6. Therefore The Trophy goes from the last year winner Russia to Serbia. Serbians managed to improve their last year’s results (Lost to Russia in 2013), Slovenia also improve their result considerably (from losing to Poland in tough match 2-3 in 2013) to the Finals of 2014! DMT World Tour Staff congratulates the Teams-Finalists for participation! We hope that next year there will be even more teams participating!

       Each player need to have Skype account !

We inform you that till start Wimbledon each player need to have a valid skype account, so each player can contact each other easily and avoid the problems with MSN that appeared last time. The procedure is simple, just download skype HERE and create free account; after that post your new skype login on this TOPIC. Good Luck!

    New Update Feature on Players Profiles !

The is continuing to be UPDATED ! Our new update is Career Highest Rank in Players Profiles. This new feature contains data about the highest rank position of the player and the date when the player placed that position. This new function will help players judge about their rivals because current ranking quite often doesn’t show the objective situation and the player will learn that he is going to play the World Ex.Number 1! The counting of the highest rank position of the players will start from the 2014 Season. Enjoy!

         Strong Deadline Rules for all tournaments !

DMT World Tour Staff would like to announce that from the beginning of SEASON 2014 there won’t be any extra days. This rule will be spread for DMT World Tour and Davis Cup matches. In the first season of Davis Cup we made some exceptions, but in 2014 season there won't be any exceptions and    Davis Cup tournament will have strict deadline. There won’t be any two-side standards. If the player can’t play during the time given, he will have to give a Walkover to his opponent. In 2013 moderators lost a lot of time choosing the winners and waiting for many players who promised to play in extra days but didn’t. If a player asks for extra day, he will automatically get a warning.


Hall of Fame officially open!

We are glad to anounce that we just opened a new page on the DMT World Tour site called Hall Of Fame. There are some rankings and statistics with the players that won most tournaments so far. This player will help us in future to know who will be the most strongest player of DMT World Tour. Visit  Hall of Fame!

Important info for all players!

Each player who registered on our DMT World Tour site, must immediately register with the same username on the forum. In the forum you can communicate with your opponent and arrange match time, also if there are no news from your opponent, posting on the forum will help you to get a walkover to next round.

Every player must provide correct information about their possibility to host matches.

This is very important!

1) If you can host, please select the YES option.

2) If you cannot host, select NO.

3) If you sometimes can host, sometimes cannot host, select YES.


 Davis Cup 2013 Draw have been made ! After LIVE stream from Romania, your can watch recorded video ! Full draw is HERE !