Czech referee dashes Qarabag's knockout stage hopes...

Hearts of all Azerbaijanis beat with FC Qarabag on December 11, when the country's "knights" in European football hosted the Italian FC Internazionale at Tofig Bahramov stadium, in Baku before the eyes of tens of thousands of fans. Qarabag needed a victory against Inter to proceed to the last 32 of the UEFA Europa League competition. It was the night for Qarabag to seal the greatest ever milestone in the history of Azerbaijani football. All efforts went in vain, as the Czech referee Miroslav Zelinka unfairly disallowed a match-winning strike of Qarabag deep in the extra time when Richard Almeida's shot find the net at 90+4 minute of the game. The ball took a deflection and beat Inter goalkeeper Juan Pablo Carrizo, but the referee wrongly ruled out Qarabag's decent goal for offside. Qarabag's European journey was blatantly stopped by an unfair decision of a biased referee.

          Serbian Team Strongest Nation in the World in 2014 !

Serbian player Anta had made the 3-0 score in match with Serbia-Slovenia, what guaranteed the early win of the Serbian-wining Davis Cup Trophy. The preliminary 2-0 lead was provided by Djokovic_Fan and Anta by winning RFtthebestever 6-0 7-6 6-2 and 6-1 6-0 6-4. The third match was held against King_Federer and turned out to be very tough as any Final should be: Anta came out as a winner of this match: 7-6 3-6 7-6 7-6. Therefore The Trophy goes from the last year winner Russia to Serbia. Serbians managed to improve their last year’s results (Lost to Russia in 2013), Slovenia also improve their result considerably (from losing to Poland in tough match 2-3 in 2013) to the Finals of 2014! DMT World Tour Staff congratulates the Teams-Finalists for participation! We hope that next year there will be even more teams participating!

               Sekir takes the Main Trophy of the year and becomes №1 in the World !

Russian Sekir in the extremely difficult final overcame Serbian Anta in a three set thriller 6-3 3-6 7-6. This title has become the 11th in the career. It must be admitted that Anta played his first tournament after comeback to tour for not playing quite a long time. Both finalists didn’t lose a match before the final, they qualified from their groups on top positions, what confirms their high level of play. During group stage matches, Sekir lost only 1 set to brazilian Gil. Other group participants Weiz from Germany and Fedor from Belarus were defeated with scores 6-3 6-4 and 6-3 6-2. In Semis Sekir beat Semir 7-6 4-6 6-4. Anta’s qualifying matches were all the fights, he beat King_Federer 6-3 3-6 7-6, Mastercris 6-4 7-6, and Semir 7-6 6-7 7-5. In Semis Anta overcame Weiz 7-6 1-6 7-6. DMT World Tour Staff would like to congratulate all the participants of the DMT Finals. Taking part in such tournament means a lot, shows high level of play and stable performance during season. We congratulate and thank also other players, who were not so lucky to be there but we are sure that it will happen.

               TheBest demonstrates his class in Helsinki !

The bosnian player TheBest captured his 2nd title in finnish Helsinki by outplaying argentinian MatiJaure in two tough sets 7-6 6-3. TheBest plays in DMT World Tour for quite a long time and he is a real threat for many players, incluing top ones. Both finalists had tough opponents on their way to the final. TheBest overcame brazilian Guilherme95 in two sets, Ales16 from Czech Republic 7-6 6-3, indian Feddy 6-4 6-0. MatiJaure beat R.Nadal 6-4 6-2, returned back after a break russian Shark 6-1 7-6. DMT World Tour Staff congratulates the winner TheBest and the runner-up MatiJaure and would like to wish good luck for the next 2015 season!

          DMT World Tour Finals 2014 has been started ! 

Today the Group A and Group B have been set! The live Draw Ceremony was performed by the DMT Superleague Director Cronos from Romania. DMT World Tour Staff would like to thank Cronos for assistance in this event! The semifinal matches will be held among the top two players of each group: A1 versus B2 and B1 versus A2. Dear Participants! You are kindly requested to play your matches before deadlines! Good Luck to all the top players and let the battle begin! DMT London Finals 2014 Draw is HERE.


         Stan_The_Man sensationally wins the Paris Masters, continues success in Bratislava !

This is the first time in the DMT World Tour history when the final of Masters Series Event was played among players outside Top 20. The Croatian player Stan_The_Man in the unexpected final of the Masters Tournament took
the advantage over Ebe in 2 sets 6-3 7-6. On the road to the final both players had sensational wins over top 10 players what allowed them to play for the Masters trophy. Polish Ebe had an extremely difficult win over his countrymate Mastercris(7) 1-6 7-6 7-6 and German Weiz(4) 6-4 7-6. Stan took a confident win over Fedo from Belarus 6-2 6-3, the over Danik(10) 6-4 6-4, Sekir(2) 6-3 3-6 6-3 and Polish Packos  7-6 7-6. After such win, Stan_The_Man confirmed his success at the Bratislava Challenger beating bosnian TheBest 6-2 6-3 in the Final. Thanks to all players for such unpredictable and interesting tournament and wishes best luck in between season preparations!

            Mastercris and Fedor on the last carriage of train to World Tour Finals !

Polish Mastercris and Belarusian Fedor managed to qualify at the last moment for the finishing tournament of the year for the top best players! Before the Paris Masters it was already decided that the top 6 players are already qualified:  Sekir (Russia), King_Federer (Slovenia), Semir (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Weiz (Germany), Anta (Serbia), Gil (Brazil). As usual, the tough battle to qualify for this tournament took place against a lot of players: Fedor, Mastercris, CrusherBotBG and CoolioJack and everyone had almost equal chances to qualify, that’s why only one more advancing round of any player could decide the destiny of the others. Advancing to the 2-nd round Belarusian Fedor almost lost chances on qualifying in case a successful performance of CrusherBot and Mastercris. However, in 3-rd round Mastercris lost to Ebe what guaranteed the Belarusian’s presence in WT London Championships. After losing to countrymate Ebe, Mastercris could only hope for an early loss of CrusherBot, the match of whom against German Weiz put everything on its own place. Due to absence in tour, CrusherBot showed very intensive match, but Weiz came out of the match as a winner: 7-5 6-7 6-3. Therefore Mastercris qualifies as a participant in World Tour Championships 2014. We kindly ask other players who are close to keep an eye on the Participation Confirmation topic as if one of top 8 Race Ranking player doesn’t confirm his participation in this topic, the reserve players automatically can confirm their parcitipation there

       Each player need to have Skype account !

We inform you that till start Wimbledon each player need to have a valid skype account, so each player can contact each other easily and avoid the problems with MSN that appeared last time. The procedure is simple, just download skype HERE and create free account; after that post your new skype login on this TOPIC. Good Luck!

    New Update Feature on Players Profiles !

The is continuing to be UPDATED ! Our new update is Career Highest Rank in Players Profiles. This new feature contains data about the highest rank position of the player and the date when the player placed that position. This new function will help players judge about their rivals because current ranking quite often doesn’t show the objective situation and the player will learn that he is going to play the World Ex.Number 1! The counting of the highest rank position of the players will start from the 2014 Season. Enjoy!

         Strong Deadline Rules for all tournaments !

DMT World Tour Staff would like to announce that from the beginning of SEASON 2014 there won’t be any extra days. This rule will be spread for DMT World Tour and Davis Cup matches. In the first season of Davis Cup we made some exceptions, but in 2014 season there won't be any exceptions and    Davis Cup tournament will have strict deadline. There won’t be any two-side standards. If the player can’t play during the time given, he will have to give a Walkover to his opponent. In 2013 moderators lost a lot of time choosing the winners and waiting for many players who promised to play in extra days but didn’t. If a player asks for extra day, he will automatically get a warning.


Hall of Fame officially open!

We are glad to anounce that we just opened a new page on the DMT World Tour site called Hall Of Fame. There are some rankings and statistics with the players that won most tournaments so far. This player will help us in future to know who will be the most strongest player of DMT World Tour. Visit  Hall of Fame!

Important info for all players!

Each player who registered on our DMT World Tour site, must immediately register with the same username on the forum. In the forum you can communicate with your opponent and arrange match time, also if there are no news from your opponent, posting on the forum will help you to get a walkover to next round.

Every player must provide correct information about their possibility to host matches.

This is very important!

1) If you can host, please select the YES option.

2) If you cannot host, select NO.

3) If you sometimes can host, sometimes cannot host, select YES.


 Davis Cup 2013 Draw have been made ! After LIVE stream from Romania, your can watch recorded video ! Full draw is HERE !